• Written 12/22/16 edited 12/14&18/17

Brick Thought

Updated: Mar 25

I have been contemplating on Thoughts. It occurred to me that if a majority of us hold like Thoughts then that particular Thought is like a Brick Thought. So many believe in that same theory or thought, therefore that particular thought has massive power. Then when a Different (or opposing) Thought appears, that particular Thought does not validate the Main Stream Thought, making the Non Main Stream Thought seem as if it is False.

There are a few whom have changed the world by challenging the Brick Thought with their Opposing Thought. To me it seems it is a test of faith, in myself, in my own Authentic Thoughts that often challenges the Brick Thought. Often it does feel like I am hitting my head against the wall. But then one of my friends asked me would you ever think anything grows through a crack? Often on a sidewalk you will see that a little weed flower has found its way through to the light despite the concrete.