"Meditation is the Cocoon for the Butterfly to Emerge"
- Vanisha 

Buddha Statue
White Butterfly
Buddha Statue
"Meditate on the aspects of unconditional LOVE
and witness transformation"
- Vanisha

Quotes from my Meditations or Self-Reflection

Throughout my life journey when I meditate, self-reflect, contemplate, write, these are quotes that came to me through those various processes in my life.   

December 21, 2016 

"When I am not conscious, I allow my subconscious to act from my past, my future, from my fears, from my untamed emotions taking me away from the present moment."

January 10, 2017

"Looking within, being accountable to self, not blaming outside of self, has been keys to more positive energy and more freedom consciously." 

Feb 15, 2017

"There comes a point in life, when you no longer can blame outside of yourself.  The past is gone and only you are in the present now." 

June 21, 2018

"Affirmations are the ingredients to You Creating You." 



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