Welcome to Journey to ME.  Originally this site was started as a blog in hopes that what I write brings healing to others, especially to those who have lost loved ones whether it is death or separation of some kind.  Currently the blog is disabled as I am in the process of publishing a book.


Writing has alway been a part of my life. I have many Creative Pieces that I have written. As we constantly interact with our environments through our choices, we continue to evolve ourselves and our souls.  Each of us have our own Journey to our whole authentic self and our unique purpose. 

Photo credit:  YaelDayan.com.


Death has shown up twice in my life in a short span of time. I lost my first born son Ozias, 12 hours after his birth.  Two years after that, I lost my husband, Willie.  Our precious daughter was born three days after her father's passing.  I call her my saving grace.  


After losing my husband, who had been my rock for over a decade, I had to go back to finding who I am without him. This is how my Journey to ME began. Each of us have this personal Journey if we choose to find out who we are, our unique purpose, what drive and empowers us.