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Welcome to Journey to ME - Mind - Heart Evolution.  Death has shown up twice in my life in a short span of time. I lost my first born son Ozias, 12 hours after his birth.  Then two years later, the total unexpected passing of my husband, Willie, just three days before the birth of our precious daughter, my saving grace.  

This is how I embarked on Journey to ME.  After losing my husband, who had been my rock nearly 2 decades, I am unraveling who I AM without him.  My life had been centered around him and his purpose.   It was a constant battle at first to go within, to quiet my mind, meditate, align with my heart and overcome many other new challenges along the way.  This gruesome yet enlightening path led me to evolve and heal from my traumas, release many of my fears to finding ME on a greater, empowered level than I could have imagined for myself.


Each of us have our own internal journey we can venture upon, if we choose, if we have the courage to go within, to get to our core authentic self, our unique purpose, what drives and empowers us.  As we constantly interact with our environments through our choices, we continue to evolve.  

Originally this site was started as a blog in hopes that what I write brings healing to others, especially to those who have lost loved ones whether it is death or separation of some kind.  Currently the blog is disabled as I am in the process of writing and publishing a book.  Writing has alway been a part of my life. I have many Creative Pieces that I have written.   Writing has been meditative and therapeutic for me.   In my younger years, I was unaware that I was scripting my manifestations to unfold.


Health and fitness, especially cycling, have been a significant factor in processing and healing from my traumas, teaching me resilience, perseverance, and fueling me physical and mental strength.  I am now in the best shape I have ever been in.

Throughout my life I have always been told I am a healer.  My late husband was a healer, though he never called himself that.  He had so much faith in me.  I am forever grateful for his wisdom, his teachings, being chosen and loved by him. I was so distraught after losing him that I was always seeking answers all around me.


I finally took classes at Psychic Awakenings.  The original intent was that I wanted to be able to discover and trust my own answers. I thank Madeline for her support and her compassionate guidance. This is where I took my first Healing Hands I & II classes and was the inception of unfolding my healing gifts, as well as receive healings throughout the process.  Now I support others to unfold their healing gifts as well.   

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