December 10, 2018

The Gift of Silence 

Silence indelicately given

Persistently gifted time after time

Reopening the seemingly healed wounds

Waterfall of tears gushing into a space of 


Spiraling into the depths of this silent abyss

The tormenting hollow sounds achingly echoes


June 18, 2018

Place your hands over the heart space

Breathe in Love

Breathe out anything Toxic

Silence the mind 

Surround yourself with a protective white light

Forgive and be forgiven 

Let any Tears out

Be still and know that we are ALL ONE 

Clear your Past 

Reprogram your DNA 

Be Thankful


June 10, 2018

Radiate as the Sun that shines everywhere, it never stops being, stops shining, it shines without judgment.  Even on a cloudy day, the sun is still being the sun as it radiates light. Majority of us make mistakes.  Forgive yourself and forgive others.  Free yourself. E...

April 6, 2018

Layers have been built up over decades 

Childhood to adulthood 

I am undoing these layers 

The layers of my past 

I have spun a cocoon

For protection 

As I spin 

Tears are wept  

Undoing years of programming 

Yearning my true reality 

Internal battles of the heart and the m...

I have been contemplating on Thoughts.  It occurred to me that if a majority of us hold like Thoughts then that particular Thought is like a Brick Thought.  So many believe in that same theory or thought, therefore that particular thought has massive power.   Then when...

Being under the cloud of heavy unconscious grief for years I have become lost in trusting my own intuition.  Currently, each day I am working on finding that faith from within me.  All around me I am told trust my ownself!  Be ME!  Yet when I AM ME it appears to others...

December 7, 2017

Why is it that we stumble so much when we know we should do better, yet we stumble over and over and over again. 

My idol is my late husband.  He had the emotional, mental strength of liken to Hercules.  

For the most part he didn't let others sway his energy....

November 27, 2017

Somewhere within my soul 

lies Moments not manifested

Desires, hopes, dreams stolen in an instant

A beautiful baby boy, 9 months of anticipation

When he arrived, he came and went as a humming bird, Blessed was I to see his face, hold him in my arms,

Never wil...

Grief, loss, heartbreak makes me vulnerable.  However, I did not know how vulnerable I was or possibly still am.  What I believe in my heart is that its a risk I have to take to not let a a wall grow around my vulnerability.  If I place a wall up around my vulnerabilit...

August 6, 2017

Time and time again I am told to be me, trust me. 

Then time and time again there is an energy that is upset if I I do trust me over another. There is this ongoing battle in this world of duality, inside of me, conflicting thoughts always trying to win over the other....

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