This piece was written many years ago inspired by observing my late husband. 

I have no room for hate, I only have room for LOVE. 

I have no room for jealousy, you and I are in God and you are in me and I in you.

Your gain is my gain; Your loss is my loss.

I have no room for evil; as oil and water do not mix neither do evil and LOVE.

Have FAITH.  Faith is works. Works is surrendering, being still. 

Can you be HUMBLE for God to work through you? 

One must be single-minded as thy single eye of God.

May you hear God's trumpet, the sound of PEACE.

Let God be your shelter, your umbrella, your THOUGHTS.

YOU CHOOSE who shall reside in your TEMPLE. 

We do nothing of our own accord.

Even fire is not fire without the BREATH OF GOD.


Sting your enemy with forgiveness.  Shoot your enemy with kindness. 

NOURISH the enemy with the seeds of LOVE.  EMBRACE. 

LOVE covers a multitude of sins.  LOVE IS POWER. 

LOVE IS contagious like a wildfire. 

Keep your LOVE overflowing, keep it burning, your eternal flame.

GOD IS LIGHT, Burning, Consuming, Transforming, Purifying.





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