"Your healing...the healing....has been life changing!" 




I act as a vessel to connect clients with cosmic light energies, healing frequencies, resources, and replenishment.  I hold open, non-judgmental space and attune to their energetic needs, allowing them to express and release blockages for empowerment.  As I work with my clients as they heal and transform,  a community of greater authenticity is built. The healing allows my clients to feel more freedom to show up as their whole, positive selves. I feel gifted with a natural intuition to do this work, and have a diversity of life experience that has given me valuable insight into understanding our society's response to grief and emotion. I use a collaborative approach in client work and understand that it is a mutual enlightening experience.  Often times I am connecting with my clients loved ones that have passed on.   


Journey to ME came about as I continually chose to go inward to heal after my traumatic losses, followed by other challenges to come, which led me down a path of self discovery.  I had layers of blocks to release to get to the empowered "I AM" space within me.